Technology use in day to day life in Japan
Technology use daily life in Japan

Japanese society integrates hi-tech Technology in their daily life. Japan is one of the countries in which technology is used as a part of normal daily life.

Japan is great example of How to use modern technology without breaking cultural and traditional values of the society. Japan use modern technology that is very carefully integrated in to Japanese culture, traditions and custom.

Japan has comparatively less number of Smartphone users and higher number of ordinary people who use high-tech Technology for their day to day life. You can clearly observe three things in Japan regarding technology use

  • Simplicity in technology
  • The integrity of nature and traditions in technology
  • Careful steps to care for each person and resource

Few technology from Japan that amazing you
Humanoid Roberts

As a result of decline in total population in Japan it led to a drastic decline in the workforce. Shortage of workers is a major issue facing restaurants and the hospitality industry in Japan. Humanoid Roberts are one solution for it. Robert has been adopted as a supplier in many restaurants in Japan.

Automated delivery car
Your goods which you purchased online will be delivered just in-front of your house by an automated delivery car. Automated delivery cars have been used for a postman's job in Japan.

Face detecting vending machine

Automated vending machines have been popular in Japan since years back.
Automated vending machines have been replaced by automated face detecting vending machines in 2020.
The vending machines are smart enough to recognise your face.
When you reach in-front of vending machines, click on your Smartphone. The vending machine delivers your tea or snacks.
Payment will be done automatically from your bank account.

Automated caretaker/security Robert

A declining birth rate generated many serious problems in Japan.
Most of the time senior citizen's end up living alone in his/her home. Either their son or grandson lives away from home for a job.
There are only options which are to live alone for a senior citizen.
Automated caretaker/security is a Robert, which is set-up inside a senior citizen's house.
Robert monitors the senior citizen's health and movement.
The robots have complex built-in sensors to measure motion, temperature, humidity, etc. In case the senior citizen's body temperature goes up or there is a huge variation in normal body temperature and behaviour.
Robert will make phone calls to the family members. In case the person falls down, Robert will make phone calls for an ambulance or to the nearest police station.

Automated Robert Nurse

An automated Robert takes care of the health of a senior citizen every day. Robert measures the body temperature and motions of the senior citizen every day. Robert nurses help seniors get up from bed, go to the toilet, get coffee/tea etc. Senior citizens can directly talk to a nurse who is located at the hospital by pressing the button any time. Do you want to know and learn more about technology and work in Japan? We give an opportunity to come to Japan and work here through our DCJCJ or DCJCS class.Click here to join our class.

Japanese ecommerce/online shopping

Buy online, pay at your nearby store. Japanese people don't prefer to use credit cards when they shop online. Japanese people buy online, and pay at a nearby local store.
It is a small tradition but everyone follows this tradition in Japan. Irrespective of age, everybody from small children to older people, all follow this tradition

Solar Roof/Green Energy Taping

There is only 3month in Japan where they get proper sunlight. That is in summer. Japanese people try to use natural energy as much as possible.

Cleaning Robert

Japanese people like cleanliness and hygiene. How much should your home be clean and hygiene? Japanese people use technology to keep the house clean and hygiene. Years before of covid-19, Japanese people has been using room cleaner Robert. Cleaning Robert is a small Robert with a number of sensors.
Every day automatically clean the room and automatic charge from the designated PowerPoint.

Japanese Kitchen

There is a combination of technology and arts in Japanese kitchen. Most modern technology and materials are used in kitchen.
Japanese Kitchen are simple and very convenient to use.
Automated Stove/ Voice recognising Stove
In Japan, everything is changing to no touch operation.
Then why is it not in kitchens.
Voice recognising the stove will start cooking according to your instruction.
You don't need to use a lighter to start a stove.
If you don't want to command, touch and start cooking.

Automated rice cooker

Automated Rice cooker cooks rice without any help.
When you wake-up your rice will be ready to eat.
Automated rice cooker, will cook rice according to the time you set on it.

Know Your Calorie of food

This machine will tell you what the total Calorie of the food that you are going to eat.
Want to get slim? Buy one to know the calories of the food which you are going to eat.

Warm toilet seat

Japanese people's cleaning and Hygiene and technology using habit are extending to the toilet also.
What do you say if you get a warmer toilet seat when temperature goes below -20C. Toilet cover will be open automatically and clean automatically. If you use Japan's toilet one time, then of-course you will try to get the same one in your home.
Clean, simple and easy to use .

Technology use in other Industry in Japan

These are simple technologies used in a better way to make your life smoother. Japan uses the most advanced technology in Robotic engineering, space research and Aeronautical Engineering and automobile engineering. Japanese K-supercomputers are the world's fastest supercomputers. Japanese Magnetic trains have a speed of 655km/h which is the fastest train in the world. Interestingly, magnetic train has no wheels but it sliding through designated track. Recent years many countries have started to produce electronic and electrical items, but still Japan is the Technology leader in the world.

Hi-tech Car

Japan’s automobile industry is very developed. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda are some of the automobile makers, which have manufacturing units all over the world whose homeland is Japan. High tech cars come with a number of sensors and cameras. Apart from the self drive, it has an automated braking system to avoid any kind of collision with other cars. Japan produced it’s first Hydrogen car. Hydrogen It emit only water instead of polluted carbon. We are pretty sure that you come across with a few new words, thoughts, hopes and knowledge while you read the above topic. Yes, we are here to give you knowledge and wisdom that lead you to a bright future. We can discuss each and everything about Japan in details. Join our Japanese class, learn Japanese and know more about Japan with your new friends. Our online class will be more fun than reading here. Through our online class, you may get a chance to travel to Japan.