Japanese Culture and Traditions
Japanese Culture

We will discuss each and everything about Japan through our online classes. While you learn a new language, you get a lot of knowledge and wisdom. You can ask questions directly to our Japanese teachers, those who take classes from Tokyo in Japan. It will be fun to learn a new language and culture with your other friends through our online class or class room class. Here we are trying to give a quick introduction.

Greeting in Japan

‘Konnichiwa’ is the word for greeting in Japanese. The word “irasshaimase” in Japanese means you are welcome. The word “Arigatou gozaimasu” means thank you. Bowing heads is part of greeting as well as traditions. Japanese people bowing heads to say hello, welcome or show mutual respect.

Hand over Gifts
Gifts traditions exist in almost all countries.
Japan has no exceptions for it. When you arrive at someone’s home in which you have been invited to, it is particularly important to show respect and gratitude by giving a gift.
If you relocate your stay to a new apartment or house, you need to give a gift your close neighbours.

Clean and Hygiene

Japanese people keep house clean and hygiene.
Each House take extra steps for sanitation.
Japanese people use only slippers inside the house.
You must take out slippers also before you enter any carpeted (tatami) area.
Shoes are not allowed inside the house.Garbage will be separated as recycling and non recycling items.
There is new style as well as old style houses are in Japan.

The traditions and custom following inside house is same anywhere in Japan Japanese people take extra step to keep clean the public areas also.

Japanese people get trained for cleaning from school itself.
After the school hour, students must clean the school building and class room.
University students also have this daily cleaning duty by daily routine.


In Japanese hospitality, you get more than what you supposed to get.
Japanese people are extremely polite and help others.
Shop keeper will surly convey that, they are very thankful to you for your visit and purchase, in case if you do shopping in Japan.
Japanese hospitality include Gift giving also

Green Tea/Tea ceremony

Enjoying a glass of green tea is a part of Japanese daily life. Tea ceremony is one of traditions followed by Japanese people from centuries back

Saying Thank you before and after the meals

Japanese people say thank you before and after the meals.
They say Thank you to the farmers and each and everybody who was part of making the meals.
It is a small tradition but everyone follows this tradition in Japan. Irrespective of age, everybody from small children to older people, all follow this tradition

Japanese Traditions

Sunrise/ First sun view

Sunrise view is the Japanese tradition of waking up to sees the first sunrise of the year on New Year's Day.
Japanese people climb on nearby mountains or buildings on New Year's day and watch the first sun rise of the year.

Maneki cat

Every culture and country has some lucky sign. Japan has no exceptions.
Maneki cats are a good luck charm that's based on a Japanese legend. Japanese people believe that maneki cats will bring luck to home.
Almost everyshop in Japan you can see Maneki cat


Who doesn’t like to take a bath at a hot spring in winter?
The water coming from the base of Mount Fuji is enriched with minerals and that makes your skin smooth and beautiful.
Taking a bath at Onsen in winter is one of tradition in Japan.
Onsen is the public bath place.
It is necessary to wash your body before and after going inside the onsen.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is widely popular among the Japanese and it is one of the traditions in Japan. There are many Sumo stadiums in Tokyo and Nagoya. Those who want to become a sumo wrestler; they take training from younger age.

Summer Yukata

Wearing summer Yukata is a Japanese tradition.
Yukata is a traditional summer dress worn by Japanese people when they participate in festivals in summer.

Manga/ Comic Books

Reading Manga, watching animation is part of Japanese day to day life in Japan. Animation movies are common and commercial movies in Japan. Japanese animation industries are enriched by many cartoons characters such as; Anpanman, Doraemon, PreCure, Shimajiro. One Piece, Akira,Attack on Titan are some of famous manga books. All most everywhere in Japan you can find people those who read comics book. Animation movies and comics books are very popular in Japan.

Video game playing centre and pachinko is also popular in Japan.
Pachinko generally is a gaming centre where you can play game using designated machine.

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