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Are you looking for Study Japanese in Japan trough Language School in Japan? Are you a job in Japan after your Japanese study in Japan? Are you looking for higher study in Japan? NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED led your ways to Japan.

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to the home land of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki or the home land of Roberts? Have you dreamed of doing your higher study in Japan? Have you dreamed of working in Japan?

Nihon Gakko provides opportunities for Job seekers to study Japanese in Japan and search for jobs in Japan.

NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED provides opportunities for students to learn Japanese in Japan.

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Tour/Travel to Japan
Tour/Travel to Japan

Do you want to Travel To Japan? NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED operate tours from India to Japan Japan has a very unique culture and traditions that is very different from the rest of the world. Traveling through Japan gives you a wonderful view of beautiful places in the world. Traveling through Japan, gives you a beautiful view of volcanic mountain, cherry blossom(Hanabi), Snow festivals, Momiji (red and yellow autumn leaf) Sumo wrestling, world's biggest city, high tech technology, humanorid roberts, onsen (hot spring from volcanic mountains) ,magnetic train(no wheels, but run speed of 620 km/h) etc.Japan is a great example which shows how to use modern technology, while keeping the old traditions and customs of a Country. You can experience many new tastes, by eating Japanese traditional foods. Traveling through Japan is very fun and enjoyable. Nihon Gakko Pvt Ltd arranges and operates tours from India to Japan. NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED arrange Individual, group and Study tours to Japan. Nihon Gakko Pvt. Ltd. conduct seasonal group tours 3 times a year. Nihon Gakko' seasonal tours are Hanabi(Cherry blossom) tour, Momiji(Red and yellow leaf) tour in Autumn and Snow tour in winter. Contact NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED for more details. NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED' tours are affordable by ordinary people. NIHON GAKKO provide an assistance of local guides in Japan for all of our tours. Click here to Contact-NIHON GAKKO

Business/Investment in Japan
Business/Investment in Japan

Do you want to Start New business in Japan? Do you want to purchase property in Japan? Or Do you want investment in Japan? NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED help you to invest your money in Japan market, which gives a high profit in every month Japan is one the most developed countries inside the G8 group. Tokyo stands as the richest and the world largest hi-tech city in the world. Japan is the third largest economy in terms of GDP which is 4.9 trillion. The GDP of Tokyo city itself is the same as GDP of India. This economic power of this city makes Tokyo the richest and high-tech city in the world. Japan's second biggest city Osaka city itself accounts for 1/2 GDP of India. Japan's automobile city- Aichi itself accounts for 1/3 of total GDP of India, a major international automotive manufacturing hub and headquarters to Toyota.Japan is world famous as a country of Cash. Any kind of business or investment gives you a profitable return from Japanese market. Conduct NIHON GAKKO PRIVATE LIMITED for starting a new business or doing investment in Japan. NIHON GAKKO PVT LTD provide support both in Japanese and English to start your business/investment in Japan. Contact-NIHON GAKKO for a business start-up, investment or purchase property in Japan

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